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Embracing the Cliché

Traditionally, I am VERY anti-trends.  The more people are doing something, the less I want to do it.  I’m no Freud, but I suspect it has something to do with some deep seeded need to be DIFFERENT and AWESOME and ultimately kill myself fighting a battle against conformity that is unwinnable.  And I’m finding thatContinue Reading

2013: The Year of the Snake

That title has absolutely nothing to do about this post.  Although to be honest, I don’t really have an outline, so we’re rocking it “stream-of-consciousness-style” and maybe a snake will sneak in there somewhere and we’ll both be surprised. I know, you’re probably like, “She came out of the woodwork to post some random wordsContinue Reading

Goals? What Goals?

Goal setting has always been difficult for me. And revisiting these goals after being away for several months has helped me identify where I might be struggling. Not only at goal follow-through, but also with goal setting. I left the run down below if you want to read on. Or just catch up on what I’ve been doing these past few months. And hopefully as I continue to work at this process, things will get easier.Continue Reading

I Have Been Saved

By my iPhone, that is.

For months, I have been in search of an app that would organize my life in a way that could rival the likes of Martha. And… I think… I found it…

Errands To Do List is a task manager that makes it easy to keep track of all my appointments, errands, and household projects. Like that tile floor that needed to be fixed because the grout came up AGAIN.Continue Reading

2012 Goals | April Goals

Most of this list is going to look a *little* familiar since I didn’t complete so much of my March list…  I guess I need to start mainlining 5 Hour Energy or adding bulk caffeine to everything I consume because I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle here.  So I’ve left the remaining 13 to-dosContinue Reading

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