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Goal Update | March Wrap Up

I’m not looking forward to this month’s goal report…  March has just been a rough month for me organizationally, financially, and personally.  Although, we have done a lot of things, just not the ones that I had planned.  Let’s hope that April is a bit smoother. Health Goals Finish weeks 3-6 in the c25k program. Continue Reading

2012 Goals | March Update

  Okay, so it’s mid-March and I’ve completed two things on my monthly goal/to do list.  I guess I should’ve known this would happen with Allison’s party prep TAKING OVER MY LIFE for the last two weeks.  But the party is Sunday and I have a few days of vacation next week, so I shouldContinue Reading

The Cleaning Snowball

Lately I’ve been feeling like my house is such a disaster.  Like a dirt bomb went off and every surface is in need of a thorough scrubbing.  Or maybe it’s just bothering me more because I’ve been home to stare at it since we have been stuck inside during these cold months.  Either way, it’s drivingContinue Reading

2012 Goals Update | February Wrap Up

It’s been three weeks since my last goal update and while I feel once a week is a little too often for progress reports, I’m kinda missing the frequent reminders.  There’s got to be a happy medium!  Maybe mid month and month end?  I don’t know for sure but hopefully I’ll find a rhythm in this processContinue Reading

War on Debt: Spoiler Alert

In January 2011, I declared war on our credit cards.  With over $11,000 dollars in credit card debt, I mapped out a basic plan to accomplish the goal of being free of credit cards by 2012.  And in the spirit of complete honesty, I’m going to share the nitty gritty details with all of you.  (*NamesContinue Reading

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