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Simple Days ~ 3.17.12

Ok, so simple may not be the best word for the title of this post, but I’M GOING FOR A THEME, PEOPLE!  Obviously, I have problems. What I’ve been up to… I think the last couple weeks can pretty easily be summed up by adventures in obsessive party planning.  I’ve been making soap for favors, makingContinue Reading

Simple Days ~ 3.7.12

My intention was to get this post up over the weekend, but with Matt’s schedule being all wonky these past couple weeks, I’m totally off schedule and out of my groove. But he has THE ENTIRE WEEKEND OFF this week, so we can plan some fun things to do around town (read: get things readyContinue Reading

Simple Days ~ 2.25.12

I know I’ve been a little absent this week and now I’m all showing up on a Saturday just to mess with you but I’ve been a little lacking in words this week and I’m not the kind of person that wants to publish junk just to get a post up. But something I haveContinue Reading

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