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Getting Control of My Paper Clutter

Last April I began the process of cleaning out our office. I got through about half of an over-flowing file drawer (out of four) and stopped.  Maybe because I was overwhelmed…  Maybe because it was a little painful to permanently dispose of information that was once so important…  Maybe because shredding paper is BORING… But whatever the reason,Continue Reading

Best. Yard. Sale. Ever.

Oh, yes.  I actually followed through on this yard sale bidness.  Even after the weather report threatened rain all day.  And it was AWESOME! Not so much because we made a lot of money (we made a little).  Or because we got rid of a lot of stuff (we still have a lot left).  But because weContinue Reading


I’m not a big fan of stuff.  And if I had my way, the only stuff I would have in the house would be a handful of useful items.  Like my cheese grater and Chi flat-iron. But unfortunately (ahem, I mean fortunately), I live with a sentimental man-child and an obsessive Tasmanian devil that requireContinue Reading

Watching my past go through the shredder

I’ve been dreading this day.  The day of paper purging.  I’m watching years upon years of documents chronicling my life get eaten by the shredder.  Detailed records of every purchase I ever made.  Bank statements with my maiden name.  Rent checks written out to my ex.  Overdraft notices.  Lots of overdraft notices.Most of this past isContinue Reading

Fighting the Laundry Monster

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best housekeeper.  My floors aren’t always the cleanest.  The tub gets scrubbed when visually disgusting (sometimes).  And you could write in the dust on my dresser.  But one thing I’ve gotten down is fighting the laundry monster.I used to detest doing laundry.  Even when myContinue Reading

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