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Operation Save | Let’s Not Talk About March

Last month was our first month without making a single credit card payment!!  Well, unless you count that $4.91 in prorated interest, but I don’t. Last month was also supposed to be the beginning of Operation Save.  But it wasn’t.  You see, the combination of trying out a new banking system and going EXTREMELY overContinue Reading

How to Create a Budget | Making Adjustments

Is your budget balanced?  If so, you can stop reading here.  Or contact me to guest post.  Because I’ll be honest- it took me nearly a year to get my budget balanced.  Budgeting can be tough because it is a very fluid process.  Income changes, expenses change, financial goals shift.  And in the beginning you willContinue Reading

How to Create a Budget | The Numbers

Never had a budget before?  Or maybe you’ve tried every program/app/website out there but you haven’t found a system that works for you. Because just like Dave Ramsey, it only works if it’s simple. And no one wants to spend upwards of an hour (or more) a week typing in expenses.  Well, okay, maybe I would,Continue Reading

How to Create a Budget | The Tools

How to Create a Budget | The Tools


If you’ve never had a budget before, creating one from scratch can be intimidating. But having a written budget (and sticking to it!) really is necessary for achieving your financial goals.  I couldn’t imagine how we would’ve paid off over $12,000 in credit card debt without it. Back in the dark ages before every child was bornContinue Reading

War on Debt: Game Face

War on Debt: Game Face


In January 2011, I declared war on our credit cards.  With over $11,000 dollars in credit card debt, I mapped out a basic plan to accomplish the goal of being free of credit cards by 2012.  And in the spirit of complete honesty, I’m going to share the nitty gritty details with all of you.  (*NamesContinue Reading

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