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Time v. Money

A couple of months ago I mentioned that I only shop at Target.  There’s a good reason.  Besides anything not at Target isn’t worth buying. Life is all about balance.  Give and take.  Work and play.  Time and money. This time last year I was all about the Benjamins.  Because I didn’t have many of them.  SoContinue Reading

Food Waste Friday

Another food waste confession update!  Because I know how much you all LOVE looking at my moldy, slimy food. I will preface this by saying the picture below was taken last weekend when I did the bulk of my fridge cleaning.  Although in reality, I spent more time taking the photos than I did cleaningContinue Reading

Dumpster Diving

Well, there wasn’t so much diving involved, but Matt was taking the trash out one evening and found these sitting in the alley next to the dumpster. We had been in the market for children-sized chairs, and these were more adorable than I could’ve dreamt of.  The paint is a little chipped and the backsContinue Reading

Food Waste Friday

I have to admit.  I got pretty pissed when I cleaned out the fridge earlier this week.  There were several things that just should not have been wasted. Like local Wisconsin string cheese and a fig from the farmer’s market.  Do you know how expensive figs are?? Sigh. While looking at my moldy food mayContinue Reading

Food Waste Friday

I like to consider myself fairly frugal and resourceful, however, one thing I’ve struggled to get under control is our food waste. You know how it is…  You buy/make too much of something or it sounded really good at the time but the thought of eating it again makes you want to gag. After findingContinue Reading

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