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Chicken Boobs *giggle*

A while back, I wrote a post about the benefits of buying bone-in meat.  It’s cheaper, has more flavor, etc…  However, when it comes to chicken breasts, I like to butcher them in advance so that I don’t have to wait for a day off to use them since they take 15 years to cook.  After thatContinue Reading

The Grocery Game

After I lost my job several years ago, I threw myself into frugality.  I became a fierce deal hunter.  I would play the drug store game.  Visit three grocery stores in a week in search of the best deals.  I loved the thrill of saving money. But I hated it. Mostly because I hate runningContinue Reading

Seasonal Deathmatch: Spring vs Winter

Every year since we bought our home, we have attempted to grow a vegetable garden.  The first one was pretty small.  We planted four crops.  But it was a decent first effort.  Last year turned out to be a bit of a debacle, with diseased tomato plants, an overpruned raspberry bush, yet another failed attempt at squash, andContinue Reading

Simple Savings: Cleaning Wipes

Honestly, I feel a little hypocritical writing a new post about cleaning because the funkiness that’s living on my bathroom floor is about to stage a revolt.  However, I can attest that the remaining surfaces in my bathroom have never been cleaner.  (With the exception of the tub, baseboards, and window sill…  So I guess weContinue Reading

Simple Savings: 1 Million Uses for Vinegar

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something useful, so I thought maybe I should do that…  So here you go- a list of one million uses for plain ‘ol white vinegar.1. Glass Cleaner2. Counter Cleaner9. Fabric Softener11. Deodorizer19. Degreaser26. Demolder/bacterializer45. Demineralizer321. Bug Repellent657. Floor Cleaner1042. Carpet Cleaner8374. Germ Killer10002. Urine Neutralizer24682. Body Soil Remover53263. SootheContinue Reading

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