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Operation Save | Let’s Not Talk About March

Last month was our first month without making a single credit card payment!!  Well, unless you count that $4.91 in prorated interest, but I don’t. Last month was also supposed to be the beginning of Operation Save.  But it wasn’t.  You see, the combination of trying out a new banking system and going EXTREMELY overContinue Reading

War on Debt | Introducing ‘Operation: Save’

Did you think the War on Debt was over since we paid off the last credit card in February? Sadly, you would be wrong.  We still have quite a bit of debt hanging over our heads.  More than what the credit cards were, actually.  Because I went to college for 3+ years on Uncle Sam’sContinue Reading

Meal Plan Monday ~ 10.24.11

Normally I plan 3-4 meals per week, depending on Matt’s ever-changing work schedule.  The other 3-4 days, we eat sandwiches, leftovers, or sometimes on the weekend I will get a wild hair to make some elaborate meal that takes 3 hours and 152 pots/pans/bowls to prepare.  Or sometimes we’ll get a pizza. However, this weekContinue Reading

Time v. Money

A couple of months ago I mentioned that I only shop at Target.  There’s a good reason.  Besides anything not at Target isn’t worth buying. Life is all about balance.  Give and take.  Work and play.  Time and money. This time last year I was all about the Benjamins.  Because I didn’t have many of them.  SoContinue Reading

Another Giveaway??

Three years ago, no one knew what in the world a Groupon was.  Then there was this Living Social business.  And now there’s another new kid on the block. (oh, oh, o-o-oh)  And they have the right stuff.  (I’m sorry.  Sometimes I just can’t help myself.) Eversave is the newest evolution of online deal offerings. Continue Reading

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