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For the past year, I’ve been walking around with a lock of hair from your first haircut in my purse because I don’t know what else to do with it. I still haven’t made your baby book. The most recent photos of you on the wall are from your first birthday.  And last week, you wereContinue Reading

Am I a writer?

Today I was asked by an executive at work if I had any experience in writing to help with a special project. I honestly didn’t know how to answer.  No, my 3/4s of a college degree didn’t involve any studies in writing, but I was okay at it in high school.  You know, 15 yearsContinue Reading

A New Perspective

A few months ago I had to password protect my phone because a certain little girl was getting too smart for her own good and rearranging apps, deleting emails, and calling Australia. She has since figured out that with the new Apple iOS 6 upgrade, you can open the camera without unlocking the screen. Then as I wasContinue Reading

7 Ways to Save $15 in 15 Minutes

I am all about saving money.  But when you’re busy, sometimes you have to draw the line at what you are willing to do to save a buck.  So here’s a list of seven things you can do in 15 minutes (or less) that will save you $15 bucks (or more). 1.  Get a reusableContinue Reading


Yesterday I got an email pitch for an affiliate program.  In an effort to be more personal, the author of the email mentioned a recent post that had made her laugh. First, I’m not so sure what is funny about a sewage back up in your house.  And my psychotic cat?  I guess I canContinue Reading

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