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{Semi} Wordless Wednesday

I could stare at this face for hours.  Love this girl. What could be better?  This photo is SOOC.  Continue Reading

{Semi}Wordless Wednesday

I would like to introduce you to…  Well, she doesn’t have a name yet.  And I am very superstitious about naming cars.  I’m convinced that the last one didn’t fare well because she had a crappy name.  So, please send me your suggestions!  I’m thinking something that sounds good with Matrix.   I’m totally inContinue Reading

{Semi}Wordless Wednesday

I wasn’t going to cop out of writing again today, but honestly, I’m just enthralled with this picture right now and I wanted to share it…Continue Reading

Wordless Wednesday

Little beet seedlings sprouting from the earth.Continue Reading

Wordless Wednesday: Mother’s Day

Continue Reading

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