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Heavy Heart

It’s been more than two weeks since we returned home from our glamorous Wisconsin vacation.  Ten glorious days with my family (and no cat whining for food at 5am).  Ten solid days of being with my sweet girl. When it came time to return to work, I knew it would be a little tough to leaveContinue Reading

I’m Drowning in Mommy Guilt

Last night I came home from work and dinner was ready. *Score*  I didn’t even have to do the dishes.While my dear husband was finishing up in the kitchen, I played with the kid, puttered around the house, and mostly did… nothing.  And that continued the rest of the evening.Rationally I know that I shouldContinue Reading

Always expect people to do something stupid… Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Things you’ve learned from your parentsMy dad could write a book of proverbs, but here are a couple of my favorite…1.  Find something you love to do and find a way to make money at it.  Along those same lines, he also preached that success is found by being the best at what youContinue Reading


We interrupt your regularly scheduled program…Today I had planned to blog about our debt free challenge (please let me know if you have a catchier name), however, I was surprised to find that my office was closed due to inclimate weather.  I guess three inches (and counting) of sleet will do that. Matt was alreadyContinue Reading

Out of the fog… For the moment.

I’ve come out of my NyQuil coma for a few minutes and thought I would post a brief success to counteract the bitchiness of yesterday’s rant.As we were staring into the fridge last night deciding between cooking dinner and going out, I made a realization.  I haven’t eaten fast food since before Christmas.  Possibly longer. Continue Reading

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