Am I a writer?

Today I was asked by an executive at work if I had any experience in writing to help with a special project. I honestly didn’t know how to answer.  No, my 3/4s of a college degree didn’t involve any studies in writing, but I was okay at it in high school.  You know, 15 yearsContinue Reading

Meal Plan Monday ~ 2/4

meal plan monday

I didn’t really cook much last week since we were busy nearly every night.  I think I made some cheeseburger macaroni and I did finally get around to baking that ham over the weekend.  My freezer is thankful because while we’ve eaten through much of the meat in the freezer, that ham was taking upContinue Reading

Embracing the Cliché

Traditionally, I am VERY anti-trends.  The more people are doing something, the less I want to do it.  I’m no Freud, but I suspect it has something to do with some deep seeded need to be DIFFERENT and AWESOME and ultimately kill myself fighting a battle against conformity that is unwinnable.  And I’m finding thatContinue Reading

Meal Plan Monday ~ 1/21


I’m slooowly getting back into the meal planning groove.  We did end up getting take-out Chinese one night because neither of us wanted to eat the leftover beef stew I had planned, but otherwise, last week was a success.  As an added bonus, now I have tons of beans and enchilada sauce in the freezerContinue Reading

Meal Plan Monday ~ 1/14

meal plan monday

Well, last week didn’t quite go as planned.  But we survived on left-overs, so I guess that was for the best otherwise we could have had a lot of food waste.  And now I have a couple of meals I can use this week.  Win-win? Monday ~ Acorn Squash, Rice Tuesday ~ Enchiladas, Refried Beans, Mexican RiceContinue Reading

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